AB 215 – Communist School Teachers (Buchanan)


Position: Oppose

Existing law prohibits a permanent school employee from being suspended or dismissed with few exceptions, which include immoral or unprofessional conduct and being a known member of the Communist Party. The processes school districts must follow in order to suspend or dismiss a permanent employee are lengthy and costly.

This bill establishes a dismissal processes for employees charged with egregious misconduct and specifically defines egregious misconduct as sexual misconduct, controlled substances offenses, and child abuse.

However, the bill also deletes language in the law that calls for the dismissal of a school employee who has a “Knowing membership by the employee in the Communist Party.” Should this measure become law, there would no longer be restrictions preventing teachers who adhere to the political theory of Communism from becoming educators in the k-12 public school system.

Bill Status –

6/25/14 – Signed into law by Governor
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