AB 1577 – Change of Gender at Death (Atkins)

Position: Oppose


Currently a person can obtain a court order legally changing his or her gender and to obtain a new birth certificate. Existing law also sets forth the requirements for properly completing a certificate of death. The law allows an “informant” to provide the decedent’s personal information including the decedent’s name, sex and birthplace to the person completing a death certificate.

This bill would require the person completing the death certificate to record the decedent’s sex to reflect the decedent’s gender identity as reported by the informant even if they are not presented with a court order or other legal documentation acknowledging a legal change of gender. Gender identity is a person’s private sense of, and subjective experience of, their own gender regardless of their biological gender at birth.

This bill would give a person, or a majority of persons who have equal rights to control the disposition of the remains, the legal authority to change the gender of a decedent if a decedent chose to not take the legal steps to change his or her gender during his or her lifetime.

Bill Status –

6/24/2014 – Passed Senate Judiciary Committee 6-1
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