Action Alert 5/27: AB 154, SB 323, & SB 274


Action  Needed!

Today begins a week of floor session for both the Assembly and Senate. All bills that have been introduced this session must be voted on and moved out of their house of origin by May 31st.



Assembly Floor Bills

AB 154 – Expanding Abortion

AB 154 expands abortion allowing nurses and midwives to perform this procedure. This law would put women’s health at risk by allowing non-physicians to perform abortions.

This bill will be on the Assembly Floor for a vote as early as today.

Contact your Assemblymember and urge them to vote “NO” on AB 154.

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Senate Floor Bills

SB 323 -Attack on Religious Liberties and Non-Profits (Lara)

SB 323 seeks to revoke the tax-exempt status of non-profit youth organizations byforcing such organizations, including private schools, to hire or to allow as leaders, persons whose sexual conduct is against their beliefs. SB 323 violates constitutional rights to free speech, freedom of association, and freedom of religion.

Contact your Senator and urge a NO vote on SB 323. 

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SB 274 – Redefining Parenthood (Leno)

SB 274 redefines parenthood by allowing a child to have a parent and child relationship with more than 2 parents.  The bill does not thoughtfully consider the numerous areas of law affected by such a redefinition of parenthood.

Contact your Senator and urge a NO vote on SB 274. 

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