Flowers, Force, and Freedom

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By now you’ve probably heard of Barronelle Stutzman. She’s the florist who was peacefully going about her daily life until a situation arose that catapulted her into the national spotlight. Barronelle is, in a way, the citizen so many strive to be. She’s a responsible business owner, caring, and kind. She’s unassuming, but don’t mistake that for weakness. Barronelle won’t cave. Barronelle is being sued by two gay men who had been her customers for nearly ten years. Barronelle declined to participate in their “marriage” ceremony by providing flowers, and now she finds herself on the verge of losing everything. What ever happened to “live and let live?” It seems, if that really ever was the goal and not a facade, it’s morphed into approve, accept, participate.

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Oregon official who shut down Christian bakery loses election

Group Will Use Drones to Fly Euthanasia Drugs to Nursing Home in Nation Where Assisted Suicide is Illegal

The Legal Implications of the Johnson Amendment

By Erik W. Stanley Posted on: | October 31, 2016

In 1954, the U.S. Congress amended (without debate or analysis) Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) to restrict the speech of nonprofit, tax-exempt entities, including churches. Before the amendment passed, there were no restrictions on churches speaking about politics and voting, with the exception of a 1934 law preventing non-profits from using a substantial part of their resources to lobby for legislation.

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Truancy crackdown ‘Operation Round Up’ hunts homeschoolers

Sunday, October 30, 2016
Michael F. Haverluck (

Homeschool students in Florida’s Jackson County are being hunted down in a countywide initiative called “Operation Round Up,” which was launched by local school board officials to enroll more children in pubic schools.

After watching a television interview featuring the Jackson County School Board’s director of student services – who called on the community to report any suspected truant students to her – one homeschool family sought legal advice out of fear that the public school was aggressively and specifically targeting homeschool students.

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They Didn’t Think Their Faith Would Make Them Outlaws. They Were Wrong

CBN – Religious freedom is a huge issue in America’s presidential election, with Christian business owners finding themselves targeted simply for following their beliefs. Now they’re spreading the word of how an aggressive gay rights agenda can threaten livelihoods, savings and even freedom.

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Capitol & Culture Update – November 1, 2016

CRI is bringing you the news that affects you, your family, your community, and your values. We aim to keep you updated on what is going on in our culture, and in our capitol. This is what we hope to achieve through our weekly updates. If you value this information, please consider making a donation to help us continue our work.


Free Speech and a Free Conscience

California is trying to use legislation to force pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion, going against their conscience. This legislation was taken to the courts and, shockingly, upheld. Now, Alliance Defending Freedom is asking the 9th Circuit to rehear this case.

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SCOTUS to Take Up Student Privacy Case

Bathroom, locker room, and shower use in schools has become a hot topic. At the center of all of the debate is the issue of privacy. Do students deserve privacy when using these facilities? When schools provide that privacy, are they in violation of the law? The Supreme Court has agreed to take up a case that will have them examine just that.

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One Week Until Election Day

With just one week until election day, there is no doubt you are being bombarded with calls vying for your vote for or against certain people and policies. We know that ballot measures can sometimes be confusing. We’ve examined the propositions and have provided our take at this link. Take a look before you complete your ballot.


Why We Did Not Stay Silent on Houston’s “Equal Rights” Ordinance

By Alliance Defending Freedom Posted on: | October 25, 2016

By: Pastor Nathan Lino
Lead Pastor of Northeast Houston Baptist Church

I was stunned to wake up one 2014 day in Houston, Texas, to discover that our mayor had subpoenaed the sermons of five pastors. These pastors were leading voices in a formidable legal effort to block her so-called Houston “Equal Rights” Ordinance that would allow transgender people access to any locker room, shower facility, restroom, or similar space of their choosing. An ensuing decision by the Supreme Court of Texas set the stage for a citywide vote on the ordinance.

It was a high profile issue in our city and every pastor had a decision to make: Was this a time to speak or a time to be silent?

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Terminally ill mom denied treatment coverage — but gets suicide drug approved

Stephanie Packer wants to be the face of a Right to Live movement — for as long as she draws breath.

“I just want to spend every last second with my kids,” Packer, a terminally ill, married mother of four kids, ages 7 through 13, tells me.

Nearly two years ago, Brittany Maynard, at just 29 years old, became the face of the Right to Die movement now sweeping across the United States. In Oregon, surrounded by loved ones, she took her own life, legally, before a brain tumor could do it for her, with a self-administered overdose of physician-prescribed barbiturates. I supported her choice to end her agony.

But at what cost?

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State of Georgia Demands Pastor Turn Over Sermons

By Todd Starnes
October 26, 2016 

A lay minister who is suing the Georgia Department of Public Health for religious discrimination has been directed by the state’s attorney general to relinquish his sermons to the government, according to federal court documents.

“Please produce a copy of your sermon notes and/or transcripts,” Attorney General Samuel Olens wrote to attorneys representing Dr. Eric Walsh.

Dr. Walsh said he will not comply with the request.

“No government has the right to require a pastor to turn over his sermons,” Walsh said. “I cannot and will not give up my sermons unless I am forced to do so.”

Walsh, a Seventh-day Adventist lay minister had been hired in May 2014 by as a District Health Director with the Georgia Department of Public Health. A week later, a government official asked him to submit copies of his sermons for review. He complied and two days later he was fired.

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Appeals Court Upholds California Law Forcing Pregnancy Centers to Promote Abortions


The federal appeals court that is considered the most liberal in the country has upheld an onerous California law that forces pregnancy centers to promote abortions. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is one of the most overturned appeals courts in the country because of the left-wing positions that it often takes on issues such as abortion.

Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit upheld AB 775, a California law that forces pro-life resource centers to promote abortion.

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I Used To Work For Planned Parenthood. Yes, Late-Term Abortions Happened Regularly.

October 2016

Ever since the third and final presidential debate last week, many questions have been circulating online about the truth behind late-term abortions (performed in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy). As a former abortion clinic director, I can help answer some of these questions.

Yes, late-term abortions are legal in the U.S. and do take place through the entire 3rd trimester, including through the 9th month of pregnancy. According to the latest Guttmacher data, about 18,000 3rd trimester abortions are performed every year.

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