California Capitol Update


California Capitol Update

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Legislative Update
No Room in the Clinic
Stand by the Boy Scouts
Lawmaker Demands Audit of CPS After Baby Is Taken From Parents
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Legislative Update


AB 154 – Abortion Expansion (Atkins)

Assembly Appropriations

Read the AB 154


SB 323 – Attack on Religious Liberties and Non-Profits (Lara)

Senate Floor

Read SB 323


AB 460 – Forced Insurance Coverage for 

Gender Identity (Ammiano)

Assembly Floor

Read AB 460


AB 1121 – Gender Identity Name Change (Atkins) 

Passed Assembly floor

Read AB 1121


AB 1266 – Forced Co-Ed Locker Rooms (Ammiano) 

Passed Assembly floor 

Read AB 1266



PLEASE NOTE THIS CORRECTION: Last week  we incorrectly stated that AB 1266 passed on a party line vote.  This was incorrect.  You can view the votes here.

No Room in the Clinic

Presumably, without a doctor in the room, abortion facilities will not need to be built as large as current building codes require. AB 980, a bill sponsored by Planned Parenthood, attempts to delete the building code requirements for abortion clinics to provide a post-abortion recovery area that includes a recovery bed and cubicle curtains for patient privacy as well as a private room or area for pre-abortion and post-abortion counseling. The code already states that “Treatment rooms used for aspiration abortion may be, as a minimum, sized as examination rooms.” Examination rooms are substantially smaller than “treatment” rooms. However, as they prepare to monopolize on the implementation of AB 154, the abortion expansion bill that will allow non-physicians to perform abortions, Planned Parenthood claims the building code requirements are “unfair” and “burdensome” and seeks to have those regulations removed from the code through this “emergency” legislation. AB 980 will next be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.


Stand by the Boy Scouts


The board of the Boy Scouts of America will vote on the proposed lifting of the ban on allowing homosexuals into the organization on May 23rd.


As part of a national campaign promoted by, we ask you to join Scouts and friends of Scouts across the country to get the word out in support of the Scouts’ longstanding beliefs.


There are a number of ways you can do this!  First, pray. Then, do everything you can to get the “10 Reasons why a delegate should vote Nointo the hands of the Boy Scout delegates by connecting through social media.  Post the delegate letter to your FaceBook page, send a tweet, and email your family and friends with the post.  This letter must be shared with as many scouts as possible by May 22nd  in order for the delegates to be informed regarding this important issue. 


Thirdly, rally for Boy Scouts at your local council office on May 17th from 12:00 – 1:30.  Go to for flyers, posters, and more resources.  

Lawmaker Demands Audit of CPS After Baby Is Taken From Parents

A California legislator has called for an audit of the California Child Protective Services (CPS) after the agency used its authority to take an infant from its parents. 


Alex and Anna Nikolayev took their infant son Sammy to Sutter Memorial Hospital for treatment after he developed flu-like symptoms.  The couple, having received medical advice from the hospital that their child needed open heart surgery, decided to get a second opinion.  The following day, CPS came to the couple’s home and removed the child from their custody. Although the couple was able to obtain a court to have their child returned to them, and a subsequent examination of the child revealed that he did not need open-heart surgery, CPS continues to abuse its power and monitor the family. 


Assemblymember Donnelly has called for the state to audit CPS and its practices, A hearing by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee to determine whether or not to proceed with an audit will be held June 5.

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