Capitol & Culture Update, August 10, 2015

Legislative Update
The Legislature has been on summer break for a few weeks and will return next Monday, August 17th. All bills introduced this year must be passed by September 11th so things will move swiftly once the legislators return.

Before the break, the authors of the Physician Assisted Suicide bill SB 128 pulled the bill because they were unable to get enough votes in the Assembly. However, there has been talk around the Capitol that the authors may try to revive the legislation by reintroducing it under another bill, known as the “gut and amend” process. We will be keeping a close eye on that and keep you informed but ask that you continue to communicate with your legislators to oppose any physician assisted suicide legislation.

Two more important bills are waiting for a vote on the Senate floor – AB 775 will force crisis pregnancy centers to advertise for abortions and provide women with a phone number that essentially leads them to Planned Parenthood. AB 775 should not move forward under any circumstances, particularly in light of the potential criminal activity of this group. The Sex Education Expansion bill AB 329 will soon move to the Senate floor. This bill will be a major loss of parental rights and will push issues and beliefs that are contrary to our faith and traditions.

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This One’s Not Going Away
Alabama has joined Louisiana and New Hampshire in pulling funding to Planned Parenthood in light of the recently released videos that bring into question the Abortion Industry giants’ practice of selling body parts and organs apparently for profit. It doesn’t seem like their troubles will end there with calls for state and federal investigations and more states considering pulling funding.

In California, Assemblyman Jim Patterson has introduced a bill that calls for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. The bill will be scheduled for a hearing in special session after the Legislature returns from its summer break. Although many legislators were unable to be reached while on break, several were able to sign a letter to the Attorney General demanding an inquiry into Planned Parenthood’s activities.

When the first few videos were released, Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards tried to brush the scandal off calling the videos “highly edited” (as though we really weren’t actually seeing body parts of babies and Planned Parenthood executives negotiating the sale of those parts.) Then she said it was political – that it was an election cycle and candidates were just trying to gain politically. But the scandal just doesn’t seem to be going away in spite of all the spin and all their efforts to point their fingers away from themselves. Even the mainstream media have expressed how appalled they are by the videos but are not giving much credence to the claims that the issue is political.

So now Planned Parenthood has hired the high rolling Public Relations firm, SDKKnickerbocker, and will be using our taxpayer dollars to pay for it. The PR firm will attempt to explain away the abortion giant’s practice of dismembering aborted fetuses and selling them for profit. They will strive to erase from our memories the visual of a PP staffer picking through a dish full of baby body parts, pointing out the legs and arms and organs to the potential buyer.

But how will they explain away the staffer proclaiming, “It’s another boy”? How can it be a boy when it is just tissue, just a clot?

According to Abbey Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Affiliate director, clients are told that the “pregnancy” is just tissue, just a clot. The women are promised that the “product of conception” feels no pain and they are encouraged to sign a form consenting to donate their “pregnancy” for scientific research. They sign it because these women believe it is a clot.

This is how Planned Parenthood has built an apparently lucrative for profit business trafficking fetal body parts. By misleading its clients. No matter how Planned Parenthood or its PR firm tries to spin this, we can’t forget. Those memories are forever. Those are human body parts and our humanity demands that we do something about it.

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