Capitol & Culture Update – August 31, 2015

Legislative Update

With the September 11th deadline looming for all bills to be passed, the legislature will floor sessions only all this week. A vote in the Senate on AB 775, the Abortion Advertising bill, was postponed again last week but is still on the calendar and can be heard anytime. The Sex-Ed Expansion bill, AB 329, will be coming up on the Senate Floor this week as well. We will keep you posted but please don’t hesitate to contact your representatives and ask for a NO vote on both of these bills. Floor sessions will resume Monday at 12:00 and can be viewed via webcast at CalChannel.

Physician Assisted Suicide Bill ‘Resurrected’ – AB2x-15

Last month the bill that would legalize Physician Assisted Suicide died in the Assembly Health Committee for lack of votes. The authors elected to bypass the democratic process of debate and have now collaborated with Assembly members to resurrect the legislation under AB2x-15. The bill will be heard as early as Tuesday in a Special Session on Health Care this week. Governor Brown called the special session to deal specifically with health care financing and he is reportedly not happy that the authors are using his special session as a vehicle to push this important issue past the committee. According to the Los Angeles Times, the governor’s office criticized the reintroduction of the aid-in-dying bill, saying that the issue merits careful consideration but should not be part of the special session.

Back to School

During the first week of every school year, our kids are sent home with a gigantic stack of paperwork that is to be reviewed by the parent, completed, signed and returned to the school. The student is typically offered a pencil or some special gift if they return the packet the following day so the pressure is on! Parents please take the time to read documents that notify you of your rights or responsibility to opt out of certain “educational” programs!

Although schools are required to obtain written permission from parents prior to a K-6 grade student receiving Sex-Ed instruction, they are only required to give “passive notice” to parents of students in grades 7-12. The “notice” is often in that huge pile of paperwork you receive at the beginning of the year but sometimes it is only posted on the school’s website or even the marquee. For example, some districts have participated in conducting California Healthy Kids Surveys collecting data about the student’s emotional, medical, mental health, sexual behaviour and personal information about the student’s home life and family environment. These “voluntary” surveys are randomly given to Jr. High and High Schools during, say math or physics classes, times when the student will gladly get out class to complete the seemly harmless survey.

PARENTS BEWARE that the schools are gathering data from your child, sending that information to an outside company who analyses the data and returns reports to the schools. The survey is not asking questions about reading, writing, and arithmetic – it’s asking questions about the kids’ home life and sex life. The sex life a 7th grader, mind you. You, as a parent or guardian, have the right to opt of those surveys but you must read the fine print on the documents.

Parents should also be aware that liberal groups and pro-abortion giant Planned Parenthood contract with school districts to teach classes and present at assemblies on issues related to sexual activity, contraception, dating, etc. Parental authority is removed the moment parents are excluded from these discussions. Although parents can “opt-out”, the system is quite (and probably intentionally) stifling for parents who are or want to be involved in their children’s academic, emotional, and spiritual lives.

When we send our children to public schools, it is up to us to be the watchmen on the wall. We have to be diligent in knowing exactly what our children are being taught and by whom. Some things you can do are to check the reading list or ask the teacher which books they will be using/reading in class. For example, reports of teachers reading to students as young as kindergarten books like “King and King,” “When Kathy is Keith” or “I am Jazz.” The agenda is to redefine “normal” and many districts have policies to encourage students to explore variant gender identities. “Rethinking Normal” is directed toward transitioning teens.

Keep in mind that the requirement to teach students about the “contributions of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and Transgenders” is in affect pursuant to Senate Bill 48. As liberals are constantly rewriting history, please confirm the historical accuracy of anything you question to be true as you examine your child’s school books. We would appreciate you contacting us to notify us of any such curriculum. Following are some resources published by Pacific Justice Institute for parents who are not certain of their rights or who choose to opt their children out of certain courses.

Religious Rights in Public Education
California Opt Out form


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