Capitol & Culture Update: December 7, 2016

The Legislature is Back in Town

CA State Legislators convened in Sacramento earlier this week. Not long after their swearing in, some legislators got right to work making known their plans to defy, or at the least, hold up as much as possible, President-elect Donald Trump’s plans on immigration. Democrats now hold a two-thirds majority in both houses of the legislature. A party with a supermajority can for all practical purposes run rampant enacting legislation without any need for input or action from the opposing side. This could prove to be a dangerous place to be in.

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Violate Your Conscience OR ELSE…

Should business owners be forced to provide services when doing so violates their deeply held religious beliefs? The answer seems simple. This is America, the land of the free, so of course not. This is not the case. Breanna and Joanna, owners of a stationary company, could be fined or jailed, simply for choosing not to make invitations to a same sex “wedding” ceremony.

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NYC Mistreats Homeschoolers

New York City has a history of mistreatment toward homeschooling families. A recent testimony to this mistreatment was the straw that broke the camel’s back. CPS showed up to a newly homeschooling mother’s house because of reports of “educational neglect.” The CPS investigator wanted to talk with her child alone and inspect her apartment. Read the full story here.

Following this episode, HSLDA has filed a lawsuit against New York City Public Schools over their unjust treatment of homeschooling families.


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