Capitol & Culture Update – June 29, 2015

Legislative Update

It was a busy, and for many, an intense week at the Capitol. On Tuesday, the authors of the Physician Assisted Suicide bill – SB 128 – canceled the hearing that was set to heard in the Assembly Health Committee because they simply did not have the votes for the bill to pass. The hearing has been rescheduled for 7/7/2015 – we will have more on that later but it’s not too soon to contact your representatives.

SB277, the Mandatory Vaccinations bill passed out of the Assembly after a vigorous bipartisan debate and is on its way back to the Senate for approval of the amendments before heading to the Governor’s desk. More on that below. AB 775, which will force pregnancy care centers to provide free advertising for government paid abortions, passed the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday with little opposition. It was astonishing to see how easy it is for a few to take away the Constitutional rights of many.

Click here to view the SB 277 Assembly Floor debate and vote commencing at 37:00 mark

Click here to view the AB 775 Senate Health Committee hearing commencing at the 47:00 mark

Bill of the Week – AB 517 Parental Access to Student Sex Ed Instruction Content

Educational materials and content presented by some outside consultants giving sexual health or HIV/AIDS prevention instruction in public schools has proved be controversial, causing concern for many parents. Assemblyman Gallagher introduced a bill that would have required parental consent prior to students receiving sex education instruction. However, the Assembly Education Committee made it clear that the bill would fail to pass so, with the bill hanging on for its life, the Assemblyman was able to gain bipartisan support for an amended version of the bill that ensures parents be provided certain information in order to decide whether to allow their student to attend the instruction, or they can simply opt their student out.

AB 517 will require schools to allow “ample” time for a student’s parent or guardian to inspect materials to be presented in sexual health or HIV/AIDS prevention education courses. Additionally, if the instruction is to be given by an outside consultant, this bill would require school districts to inform parents of their right to make copies of the materials to be used and the right to receive the credentials of any outside consultant or guest speaker providing this instruction.

The bill has passed the Assembly and will soon be voted on by the full Senate.

Senator Pan Immunizes Himself from His Constituents!

After a vigorous debate on the Assembly Floor, SB 277 passed on a bipartisan 46 to 30 vote. The bill that will require all children entering daycare and all school age children to meet the required vaccine schedule unless they receive a medical exemption from their doctor. Click here to see how your legislator voted on this bill.
For months this bill has drawn unprecedented crowds of people from all walks of life to the hearings at the Capitol – parents roamed the Capitol halls with strollers full of children like caravans of Humvees reporting for a mission. Still, after phone calls and letters, many of those parents feel as though their voice was not heard.

Maybe they weren’t.

CRI’s own Administrative & Program Director who is in Senator Pan’s district, knows exactly how they feel. Danielle, who is personally interested in this bill and has been following it through social media, was blocked by Senator Pan from viewing from his Twitter account! Danielle simply followed Senator Pan to stay informed and to ask questions as a constituent. Yet Senator Pan blocked her! He could have thanked Danielle for participating in the democratic process, he could have stood firm in his position as an elected official and said that he truly felt he was doing the right thing, he could have stated that perhaps they need to agree that they disagree. But Senator Pan blocked her! He simply didn’t want to hear it!


This bill is not about whether one should vaccinate or not – it is about whether the parents or the government should be making the decisions on what to inject into their children’s bodies!

Since you, too, may have been blocked from Twitter, Facebook, or maybe your phone call to his office went in to a never retrieved voicemail system, you have one more chance to have your voice heard. SB 277 will be heading to the Governor’s desk after the amendments to the bill are approved of by the Senate early next week so now is the time to contact him.

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