Capitol & Culture Update: March 30, 2017

Bill of the Week

SB 219 passed through the Senate Human Services Committee on Wednesday with a 3-1 vote. If this bill becomes law, biological female residents in long-term care facilities would be forced to share sleeping quarters with biological males, and vice versa.

You can watch the hearing for this bill at this link. At the link locate the hearing on March 28th in the Senate Human Services Committee. The hearing for this bill begins at 27 minutes. In his closing remarks at 1:11:00, Senator Wiener fires a shot at the two pro-family organizations that attended to oppose the bill saying:

“I will say that there is the other part of this and we heard from the more general public comment, not at the table, the opposition of organizations that have opposed every single LGBT civil rights protection in the history of the universe and have fought tooth and nail to prevent LGBT people from having any dignity in life. And so there is a dynamic out here, Fox News and other right-wing news outlets are already going after this bill saying that God forbid transgender seniors are going to be able to access the restroom of their choice…”

A true mark of a bully, speaking poorly of someone who doesn’t have the ability to respond in defense of themselves. Senator Wiener is attempting to paint those who believe that ALL people have a right to privacy as the villains. We believe that no one person deserves more privacy than another. And policies like the one Senator Wiener is advocating for forces individuals to share intimate facilities with members of the opposite sex, violating their privacy. This is not fairness. This is not equality.

SB 219 will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 18th. We will keep you updated.


Sex Ed in California Schools

Parents in Cupertino are up in arms about newly proposed sexual education curriculum for their district. The parents pointed out that a focus of this curriculum is on performing, not informing. According to parents much of the curriculum assumes students are already sexually active and gives them ideas about options they have to explore.

One teacher commented that she believes students are ready for the material. But this decision should be left to parents, not teachers.

Sexual education curriculum is gathering opposition all across the country as it’s a tool being used to introduce controversial and age-inappropriate situations to students in the classroom.

Thankfully Cupertino parents succeeded at stopping the adoption of the curriculum for now. This is more evidence that your voice matters, so speak out.

Read the full story here.


Bill of the Week #2

Another bill that has Californians, specifically parents, hot to trot, is Senator Richard Pan’s SB 18. We are currently waiting on amendments with specifics, but this bill grants the government unrestrained authority and the final say in decisions regarding children, their health, education, and social well-being. California is a mess and now they want to try and govern our children’s lives? Children belong to parents, not the government.

Last night we attended a town hall meeting with Senator Pan on the topic of SB 18. You can view a portion of the hearing here. The room was full, with people pouring into the overflow. Most of the support consisted of organizations while the opposition was mostly parents. And since children belong to parents, not organizations, we think they have the say. And they were outraged. They’re tired of the canned answers and condescending attitude of the Senator. And they’re not backing down.

A large emphasis was placed on early childhood education during last night’s discussion. But many attendees were concerned that this early childhood education would become not an option, but mandatory. One of the panelists stated that she believes it definitely takes a village to raise children. This is terrifying. Parents aren’t asking for the government’s help. Panelists also showed support for increasing the hours children spend at public school.

Following the town hall parents who hadn’t had a chance to ask their questions or make their comment lined up at the podium and began voicing their concerns. They also chanted “Parents not politicians! Parents not politicians!” until staff turned out the lights and they were forced to exit the room.

We expect the amendments to be made available any day now. Once they are, the bill can be assigned to a committee. We will keep you updated.


NEW video released exposing Planned Parenthood

This week the two Californians who recorded the footage that has been brought to the center of national attention to expose Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale of baby body parts, were charged with multiple felonies. Instead of standing for justice, California is standing up for the unthinkable barbaric acts described by Planned Parenthood employees in the undercover videos. Following the new charges The Center for Medical Progress released yet another video exposing Planned Parenthood.

In this video a Planned Parenthood employee jokingly discusses the need to go the gym because the abortions that are further along require more force. Disgusted? So are we. You can watch the full exchange below, but beware, the content is very graphic.
We need to demand that our government #DefundPP and then we need to #ShutDownPP.