Capitol & Culture Update – November 1, 2016

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Free Speech and a Free Conscience

California is trying to use legislation to force pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion, going against their conscience. This legislation was taken to the courts and, shockingly, upheld. Now, Alliance Defending Freedom is asking the 9th Circuit to rehear this case.

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SCOTUS to Take Up Student Privacy Case

Bathroom, locker room, and shower use in schools has become a hot topic. At the center of all of the debate is the issue of privacy. Do students deserve privacy when using these facilities? When schools provide that privacy, are they in violation of the law? The Supreme Court has agreed to take up a case that will have them examine just that.

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One Week Until Election Day

With just one week until election day, there is no doubt you are being bombarded with calls vying for your vote for or against certain people and policies. We know that ballot measures can sometimes be confusing. We’ve examined the propositions and have provided our take at this link. Take a look before you complete your ballot.