Legislative Update 4/13/17

SB 18,  Senator Pan’s latest assault on parental rights has been amended and now creates a Joint Legislative Committee, made up of members of the Senate and the Assembly. The issues that were not so long ago in the limelight will now be sent to the back room to be discussed by this committee which will be tasked with developing  “‘California’s Promise to its Children and Youth,’ a framework for the care and welfare of  the state’s children and youth  in various contexts, including, but not limited to, health care, nutrition, homeless assistance, education, and foster care…”

SB 18 directs the committee to work with medical organizations involved in child health care, educational organizations and institutions, organizations in child development and welfare, and applicable state agencies and commissions to develop a plan for implementation of the “framework” the committee is tasked with creating. But it mentions nothing about parents.

LOCATION: Senate Rules Committee
(waiting for committee assignment)

SB 179 weakens, essentially deletes, any requirements for an individual to change their sex on their birth certificate. A person must submit an application to change the gender on their birth certificate and an affidavit stating that they are submitting the change to conform their legal gender with their gender identity and is not for a fraudulent purpose . If no objection is made, the court SHALL grant the petition of change within 28 days of the filing.

In addition, the application for an identification card from the DMV would include the gender choices of male, female, and nonbinary. An applicant is not required to provide any information in addition to the application.

Imagine the many problems that will result for law enforcement officials from this free-for-all, self-identifying gender selection. Trying to identify an individual would become increasingly difficult if an individual’s sex does not match what’s listed on their identification.

LOCATION: Senate Judiciary Committee
Hearing Date: 4/25/17

SB 219  would force biological female residents in long-term care facilities to share sleeping quarters with biological males, and vice versa. This bill grants preferential rights to LGBT residents and leaves others with little to no right to privacy. This bill is ripe for abuse as the requirement is simply to self-proclaim one’s gender identity. This bill could easily be used as a tool by perpetrators to prey upon unsuspecting, vulnerable victims.

The bill also demands that facilities, such as restrooms, open to persons of one gender must be available to those of the same gender identity. This becomes especially problematic when facilities, such as bathrooms, are multiple use.

This bill demands that facility staff use a person’s “preferred pronoun,” but how does staff know what the preferred pronoun is? Can this change during the resident’s time in the facility? The crux of the problem is that SB 219 does not protect the dignity and safety of all long-term care facility patients.

LOCATION: Senate Judiciary Committee
Hearing Date: 4/18/17

SB 320  mandates that all UCs offer abortion by medication at their on-campus health centers. The bill also requires the schools to cover abortion in their student health plans in order to receive state funding for the purpose of providing health insurance to students. This is a prime example of the government trying to strong-arm UCs into doing what the government thinks is best for students.

Despite what those promoting this legislation might want to lead you to think, abortion by medication does not come without consequences, or risks. Are the student health centers equipped to handle these risks and consequences? Are they prepared to be available to a woman the days and nights following her abortion? Are they prepared to offer her the full range of care necessary should something go awry?

Aren’t universities supposed to be a place of empowerment anyway? Abortion does not empower women. Instead of promoting abortion, the UCs should focus on the services they provide to pregnant women and mothers on campus. UCs are in a unique position in women’s lives to empower them to continue on in their education even with an unplanned pregnancy.

LOCATION: Senate Health Committee
Hearing Date: 4/19/17

AB 569  prohibits employers from including in an employee handbook, or code of conduct, anything related to reproductive health care decisions. For example, a Christian school could not make it against their code of conduct for women to obtain abortions during their employment, even though it is contrary to that school’s moral and deeply held religious beliefs. This bill is a violent assault on religious liberty, as well as massive government overreach into the affairs of private businesses.

LOCATION: Assembly Judiciary Committee
Hearing Date: 4/25/17

Capitol & Culture Update – February 3, 2017

Bill of the week
Three Gender California
SB 179 would add a third gender option on official CA documents.  This bill would also eliminate current safeguards making it much easier to obtain a new document with a different gender than your biology.
In addition a non-binary gender marker option for driver’s licenses, birth certificates, identity cards for official documents. So this third choice will let those who identify as neither male nor female choose “nonbinary” as an official gender designation in state identification documents.
We encourage you to contact your Senator and urge a no on SB 179.
Is the SCOTUS Nominee a Friend of Religious Liberty?
Almost every day we read news stories of religious liberty under attack in America. One of the very principles we were founded upon, is being stripped away. Appointing a Justice who will upload religious liberty is crucial. Judge Neil Gorsuch is no stranger to religious liberty cases. And in these cases he has shown that he is an advocate and protector of religious liberty. You can read more about his opinions in religious liberty cases here.

Government Knows Best 

A Baltimore mom is livid after her third grade son returned home from school with three missing teeth, which had been extracted by a dental program that was visiting the boy’s school. The school claims the mother signed a permission slip, but the mother asserts the permission slip was vague, and that she did not know she was consenting to this.

To make matters even worse, the young boy missed his bus following the extraction and had to walk home from school. This is outrageous! Once again, schools usurping parental rights because they think they know best. Little did the school know, the mother already had an appointment on the calendar for her son to visit their family dentist. You can read the full story here.

Stories like this bring us the reality of SB 18, Senator Pan’s latest assault on parental rights. Under this bill the very same thing could easily happen to California students. The bill asserts that children have the right to “appropriate, quality health care.” If a school determined that something like a tooth extraction was in the best interest of a child, would SB 18 allow them to bypass the parent in the name of health?

So many unanswered questions remain. SB 18 continues to sit in the Senate Rules Committee. We will keep you updated on how you can take action to preserve parental rights as the bill progresses.

2017 Citizen Lobby Day 
Do you want to learn how to lobby your law-makers? Are you an experienced citizen lobbyist? Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, we invite you to join us for our 2017 Citizen Lobby Day! Some of the things discussed will be:
  • How a bill becomes a law
  • The most effective ways to stand for your values
  • How to capture the attention of your legislators
  • How to connect with other pro-family citizens
  • How to educate yourself on political issues affecting family, parental rights, religious freedom, etc.

(attendees must pre-register)


Privacy News

Free online lecture: Biology Isn’t Bigotry: Why Sex Matters in the Age of Gender Identity

Teacher refuses to let boys play with legos in the name of gender equality

Capitol & Culture Update: December 7, 2016

The Legislature is Back in Town

CA State Legislators convened in Sacramento earlier this week. Not long after their swearing in, some legislators got right to work making known their plans to defy, or at the least, hold up as much as possible, President-elect Donald Trump’s plans on immigration. Democrats now hold a two-thirds majority in both houses of the legislature. A party with a supermajority can for all practical purposes run rampant enacting legislation without any need for input or action from the opposing side. This could prove to be a dangerous place to be in.

Read more here


Violate Your Conscience OR ELSE…

Should business owners be forced to provide services when doing so violates their deeply held religious beliefs? The answer seems simple. This is America, the land of the free, so of course not. This is not the case. Breanna and Joanna, owners of a stationary company, could be fined or jailed, simply for choosing not to make invitations to a same sex “wedding” ceremony.

Read their full story here


NYC Mistreats Homeschoolers

New York City has a history of mistreatment toward homeschooling families. A recent testimony to this mistreatment was the straw that broke the camel’s back. CPS showed up to a newly homeschooling mother’s house because of reports of “educational neglect.” The CPS investigator wanted to talk with her child alone and inspect her apartment. Read the full story here.

Following this episode, HSLDA has filed a lawsuit against New York City Public Schools over their unjust treatment of homeschooling families.


Registration for our Citizen Lobby Day 2017 will open in January.


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How One MN Couple is Fighting a Law Forcing Them to Promote Messages Against Their Faith

Chelsea Manning asks to be listed as female in Pentagon database; doctor denies request

Flowers, Force, and Freedom

CRI is bringing you the news that affects you, your family, your community, and your values. We aim to keep you updated on what is going on in our culture, and in our capitol. This is what we hope to achieve through our weekly updates. If you value this information, please consider making a donation to help us continue our work.

By now you’ve probably heard of Barronelle Stutzman. She’s the florist who was peacefully going about her daily life until a situation arose that catapulted her into the national spotlight. Barronelle is, in a way, the citizen so many strive to be. She’s a responsible business owner, caring, and kind. She’s unassuming, but don’t mistake that for weakness. Barronelle won’t cave. Barronelle is being sued by two gay men who had been her customers for nearly ten years. Barronelle declined to participate in their “marriage” ceremony by providing flowers, and now she finds herself on the verge of losing everything. What ever happened to “live and let live?” It seems, if that really ever was the goal and not a facade, it’s morphed into approve, accept, participate.

Read Barronelle’s story here


Oregon official who shut down Christian bakery loses election

Group Will Use Drones to Fly Euthanasia Drugs to Nursing Home in Nation Where Assisted Suicide is Illegal

Capitol & Culture Update – November 1, 2016

CRI is bringing you the news that affects you, your family, your community, and your values. We aim to keep you updated on what is going on in our culture, and in our capitol. This is what we hope to achieve through our weekly updates. If you value this information, please consider making a donation to help us continue our work.


Free Speech and a Free Conscience

California is trying to use legislation to force pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion, going against their conscience. This legislation was taken to the courts and, shockingly, upheld. Now, Alliance Defending Freedom is asking the 9th Circuit to rehear this case.

Read more here


SCOTUS to Take Up Student Privacy Case

Bathroom, locker room, and shower use in schools has become a hot topic. At the center of all of the debate is the issue of privacy. Do students deserve privacy when using these facilities? When schools provide that privacy, are they in violation of the law? The Supreme Court has agreed to take up a case that will have them examine just that.

Read more here


One Week Until Election Day

With just one week until election day, there is no doubt you are being bombarded with calls vying for your vote for or against certain people and policies. We know that ballot measures can sometimes be confusing. We’ve examined the propositions and have provided our take at this link. Take a look before you complete your ballot.


Capitol & Culture Update – 10/25/16

CRI is bringing you the news that affects you, your family, your community, and your values. We aim to keep you updated on what is going on in our culture, and in our capitol. This is what we hope to achieve through our weekly updates. If you value this information, please consider making a donation to help us continue our work.


Religious Liberty

The Georgia State Attorney General forces a Pastor to submit copies of his sermons, and just one week later he’s fired from his job as a District Health Director with the Georgia Department of Public Health. Does this sounds suspicious to you?

Read the full story here



Recently, late-term abortion has made its way to the forefront of national thought and discussion. Are late term abortions really happening in the United States? A former Planned Parenthood employee says of her time working for Planned Parenthood, “Yes, Late-Term Abortions Happened Regularly.” In fact according to this article a staggering approximation of 18,000 third trimester abortions are happening every year.

Read more here



Redefining the Inappropriate

Where colleges were once a place that promoted open dialogue on all of life’s issues, they are now a place that seeks to silence students for using “inappropriate” words. And they aren’t the traditionally inappropriate words that you may be thinking of. So, what words made the list? Among the many were: mankind, mailman, guys, man the desk, secretary, salesman, and workmanship.

See the rest of the words/phrases Cal State Fullerton is seeking to eliminate.


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Terminally ill mom denied treatment coverage – but gets suicide drug approved

Why We Did Not Stay Silent on Houston’s “Equal Rights” Ordinance

Capitol & Culture Update – 10/18/16

Every day there is news that impacts you, your family, your community, and your values. We want to keep you updated on what is going on in our culture and in our capitol. Which is what we hope to achieve through our weekly updates. 
The Supreme Court has made no announcement on whether they will hear the case of a biological female who is suing Gloucester County School Board because their policy does not allow her to use the boys’ bathroom. The justices will meet again on October 28th and the results of decisions regarding cases they will take up should be released on Monday, October 31st. Stay tuned.

Read the full story here


The California Legislature, and now the court system, have shown a new disdain for pregnancy centers whose sole aim is to help women in need. AB 775 authored last year by Assemblyman David Chui requires crisis pregnancy centers to display information alerting their clients that California public programs provide access to a number of free or low-cost services, including abortion. This law is a clear violation of free speech. These centers are being forced to promote something their conscience objects to.

This legislation was taken to the courts and the court has decided to uphold the law. There has been some talk of appealing the ruling.

Read the full story here


Other news:

Planned Parenthood Celebrates 100 Years Of Existence While Denying Life To Millions

Iowa State requiring students to give up free speech to graduate

Capitol & Culture Update – August 31, 2015

Legislative Update

With the September 11th deadline looming for all bills to be passed, the legislature will floor sessions only all this week. A vote in the Senate on AB 775, the Abortion Advertising bill, was postponed again last week but is still on the calendar and can be heard anytime. The Sex-Ed Expansion bill, AB 329, will be coming up on the Senate Floor this week as well. We will keep you posted but please don’t hesitate to contact your representatives and ask for a NO vote on both of these bills. Floor sessions will resume Monday at 12:00 and can be viewed via webcast at CalChannel.

Physician Assisted Suicide Bill ‘Resurrected’ – AB2x-15

Last month the bill that would legalize Physician Assisted Suicide died in the Assembly Health Committee for lack of votes. The authors elected to bypass the democratic process of debate and have now collaborated with Assembly members to resurrect the legislation under AB2x-15. The bill will be heard as early as Tuesday in a Special Session on Health Care this week. Governor Brown called the special session to deal specifically with health care financing and he is reportedly not happy that the authors are using his special session as a vehicle to push this important issue past the committee. According to the Los Angeles Times, the governor’s office criticized the reintroduction of the aid-in-dying bill, saying that the issue merits careful consideration but should not be part of the special session.

Back to School

During the first week of every school year, our kids are sent home with a gigantic stack of paperwork that is to be reviewed by the parent, completed, signed and returned to the school. The student is typically offered a pencil or some special gift if they return the packet the following day so the pressure is on! Parents please take the time to read documents that notify you of your rights or responsibility to opt out of certain “educational” programs!

Although schools are required to obtain written permission from parents prior to a K-6 grade student receiving Sex-Ed instruction, they are only required to give “passive notice” to parents of students in grades 7-12. The “notice” is often in that huge pile of paperwork you receive at the beginning of the year but sometimes it is only posted on the school’s website or even the marquee. For example, some districts have participated in conducting California Healthy Kids Surveys collecting data about the student’s emotional, medical, mental health, sexual behaviour and personal information about the student’s home life and family environment. These “voluntary” surveys are randomly given to Jr. High and High Schools during, say math or physics classes, times when the student will gladly get out class to complete the seemly harmless survey.

PARENTS BEWARE that the schools are gathering data from your child, sending that information to an outside company who analyses the data and returns reports to the schools. The survey is not asking questions about reading, writing, and arithmetic – it’s asking questions about the kids’ home life and sex life. The sex life a 7th grader, mind you. You, as a parent or guardian, have the right to opt of those surveys but you must read the fine print on the documents.

Parents should also be aware that liberal groups and pro-abortion giant Planned Parenthood contract with school districts to teach classes and present at assemblies on issues related to sexual activity, contraception, dating, etc. Parental authority is removed the moment parents are excluded from these discussions. Although parents can “opt-out”, the system is quite (and probably intentionally) stifling for parents who are or want to be involved in their children’s academic, emotional, and spiritual lives.

When we send our children to public schools, it is up to us to be the watchmen on the wall. We have to be diligent in knowing exactly what our children are being taught and by whom. Some things you can do are to check the reading list or ask the teacher which books they will be using/reading in class. For example, reports of teachers reading to students as young as kindergarten books like “King and King,” “When Kathy is Keith” or “I am Jazz.” The agenda is to redefine “normal” and many districts have policies to encourage students to explore variant gender identities. “Rethinking Normal” is directed toward transitioning teens.

Keep in mind that the requirement to teach students about the “contributions of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and Transgenders” is in affect pursuant to Senate Bill 48. As liberals are constantly rewriting history, please confirm the historical accuracy of anything you question to be true as you examine your child’s school books. We would appreciate you contacting us to notify us of any such curriculum. Following are some resources published by Pacific Justice Institute for parents who are not certain of their rights or who choose to opt their children out of certain courses.

Religious Rights in Public Education
California Opt Out form


In the News

School issues gender pronoun guide for usage on campus: Ze, Xe, Hir

Report: Educators seek more clarity on implementing Common Core

GENDERLESS: What Target Just Announced About its New Toy Section Policy is Downright Bizarre


Capitol & Culture Update, August 10, 2015

Legislative Update
The Legislature has been on summer break for a few weeks and will return next Monday, August 17th. All bills introduced this year must be passed by September 11th so things will move swiftly once the legislators return.

Before the break, the authors of the Physician Assisted Suicide bill SB 128 pulled the bill because they were unable to get enough votes in the Assembly. However, there has been talk around the Capitol that the authors may try to revive the legislation by reintroducing it under another bill, known as the “gut and amend” process. We will be keeping a close eye on that and keep you informed but ask that you continue to communicate with your legislators to oppose any physician assisted suicide legislation.

Two more important bills are waiting for a vote on the Senate floor – AB 775 will force crisis pregnancy centers to advertise for abortions and provide women with a phone number that essentially leads them to Planned Parenthood. AB 775 should not move forward under any circumstances, particularly in light of the potential criminal activity of this group. The Sex Education Expansion bill AB 329 will soon move to the Senate floor. This bill will be a major loss of parental rights and will push issues and beliefs that are contrary to our faith and traditions.

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Please consider giving what you can today to support our general fund so that we can continue to be a voice in for families and religious freedoms in the Capitol.
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This One’s Not Going Away
Alabama has joined Louisiana and New Hampshire in pulling funding to Planned Parenthood in light of the recently released videos that bring into question the Abortion Industry giants’ practice of selling body parts and organs apparently for profit. It doesn’t seem like their troubles will end there with calls for state and federal investigations and more states considering pulling funding.

In California, Assemblyman Jim Patterson has introduced a bill that calls for the defunding of Planned Parenthood. The bill will be scheduled for a hearing in special session after the Legislature returns from its summer break. Although many legislators were unable to be reached while on break, several were able to sign a letter to the Attorney General demanding an inquiry into Planned Parenthood’s activities.

When the first few videos were released, Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards tried to brush the scandal off calling the videos “highly edited” (as though we really weren’t actually seeing body parts of babies and Planned Parenthood executives negotiating the sale of those parts.) Then she said it was political – that it was an election cycle and candidates were just trying to gain politically. But the scandal just doesn’t seem to be going away in spite of all the spin and all their efforts to point their fingers away from themselves. Even the mainstream media have expressed how appalled they are by the videos but are not giving much credence to the claims that the issue is political.

So now Planned Parenthood has hired the high rolling Public Relations firm, SDKKnickerbocker, and will be using our taxpayer dollars to pay for it. The PR firm will attempt to explain away the abortion giant’s practice of dismembering aborted fetuses and selling them for profit. They will strive to erase from our memories the visual of a PP staffer picking through a dish full of baby body parts, pointing out the legs and arms and organs to the potential buyer.

But how will they explain away the staffer proclaiming, “It’s another boy”? How can it be a boy when it is just tissue, just a clot?

According to Abbey Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Affiliate director, clients are told that the “pregnancy” is just tissue, just a clot. The women are promised that the “product of conception” feels no pain and they are encouraged to sign a form consenting to donate their “pregnancy” for scientific research. They sign it because these women believe it is a clot.

This is how Planned Parenthood has built an apparently lucrative for profit business trafficking fetal body parts. By misleading its clients. No matter how Planned Parenthood or its PR firm tries to spin this, we can’t forget. Those memories are forever. Those are human body parts and our humanity demands that we do something about it.

GENDERLESS: What Target Just Announced About its New Toy Section Policy is Downright Bizarre

Making money by enforcing abortion quotas

Planned Parenthood’s Public Relations Problem Latest Planned

Parenthood undercover video deepens crisis for top abortion provider

Capitol & Culture Update – July 6, 2015

Legislative Update

Two important bills need your attention this morning!

AB 775 – Abortion Fallacy Act (Chui)

Your voice in opposition to this bill is critical to prevent pregnancy care centers from being forced to advertise abortions.

AB 755 will force all licensed pregnancy care centers to “advertise” that women may qualify for government paid abortions. This law violates the First Amendment Free Speech rights of the operators of these centers and is meant to silence pro-life pregnancy care centers and to run them out of business.

This bill will be heard on the Senate floor as early as this morning.

Please contact your Senator and urge them to vote “NO” on AB 775.

SB 128 – Physician Assisted Suicide (Wolk)

SB 128 would legalize physician assisted suicide and would create a new, standard treatment for medical care in California. The law would allow a physician to prescribe life ending medication to be self-administered by a patient who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness that has been determined will result in the death within six months.

The most vulnerable in our society – the sick, disabled, and poor – will potentially be exposed to abuse by a cost conscience health care system and weary care givers should this bill become law.

This bill will be heard in the Assembly Health Committee at 1:30 pm tomorrow 7/7/2015 in Room 4202. We urge you to contact the Assembly Health Committee members below and ask them to vote “NO” on SB 128. Also, please attend the hearing if you are able to show your opposition and to voice your opinion with many other who will be attending the hearing from all over the state. Seating is limited so arrive early.

Assembly Health Committee Members

Member Phone
Bonilla, Susan 916 319 2014
Bonta, Rob (Chair) 916 319 2018
Burke, Autumn 916 319 2062
Chávez, Rocky 916 319 2076
Chiu, David 916 319 2017
Gomez, Jimmy 916 319 2051
Gonzalez, Lorena 916 319 2080
Hernández, Roger 916 319 2048
Lackey, Tom 916 319 2036
Maienschein, Brian (Vice-Chair) 916 319 2077
Nazarian, Adrin 916 319 2046
Patterson, Jim 916 319 2023
Ridley-Thomas, Sebastian 916 319 2054
Rodriguez, Freddie 916 319 2052
Santiago, Miguel 916 319 2053
Steinorth, Marc 916 319 2040
Thurmond, Tony 916 319 2015
Waldron, Marie 916 319 2075
Wood, Jim 916 319 2002

Bill of the Week: AB 202 Cheerleaders Are Employees

The governor signed a bill into law this week that will require cheerleaders to be classified as employees and not as independent contractors. AB 202 was prompted by a class action lawsuit initiated by an Oakland Raiders cheerleader who claimed her contract pay of $125 per game worked out to be $5.00 per hour. Many cheerleaders do the job for the love of the sport and for the exposure, not as a career, and many did not support the Raiderette’s decision to sue the team. The class action suit only included 90 plaintiffs.

Another bill moving through the legislature, AB 949, will require the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) to classify competition cheer as an interscholastic sport. The Interscholastic Federation is in support of the bill.

Calling All High School Students!

The City on the Hill Youth Leadership Conference application deadline has been extended! The postmark deadline is now Tuesday July 8, 2015 so finish up those applications and get them in the mail.

We have a great week planned and, as staff, we are looking forward to all of the new and returning students coming to City on the Hill with all of their creativity and ingenuity to experience life as a Legislator!

The conference is July 21st-26th at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA. Print an application here.