AB 215 – Communist School Teachers (Buchanan)


Position: Oppose

Existing law prohibits a permanent school employee from being suspended or dismissed with few exceptions, which include immoral or unprofessional conduct and being a known member of the Communist Party. The processes school districts must follow in order to suspend or dismiss a permanent employee are lengthy and costly.

This bill establishes a dismissal processes for employees charged with egregious misconduct and specifically defines egregious misconduct as sexual misconduct, controlled substances offenses, and child abuse.

However, the bill also deletes language in the law that calls for the dismissal of a school employee who has a “Knowing membership by the employee in the Communist Party.” Should this measure become law, there would no longer be restrictions preventing teachers who adhere to the political theory of Communism from becoming educators in the k-12 public school system.

Bill Status –

6/25/14 – Signed into law by Governor
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AB 1442 – Personal Student Information Gathering (Gatto)


Position: Oppose unless amended

Currently, school districts are not prohibited from gathering personal information obtained from social media and maintaining that information in students’ records.

This bill would require schools to notify students and their parents if the district chooses to implement such data gathering programs. While AB 1442 seeks to inform parents and students when school districts monitor the social media accounts of minor students, the bill could provide further safeguards. We oppose this bill unless it is amended to include the following protections:

• This bill should explicitly prohibit any action from being taken against a student who has posted something on social media that is constitutionally protected free speech.
• The bill should be amended to explicitly preclude “emails,” “texts,” and “instant messages” from the definition of social media.

Bill Status –
6/24/2014 – Passed Senate Judiciary 7-0
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AB 1444 – Mandatory Kindergarten (Buchanan)

Position: Oppose
Currently, it is not a requirement for a child to attend kindergarten prior to entering first grade. Parents can elect to enroll their children in public school kindergarten based on the parent’s intimate knowledge of the child’s developmental capacity. This bill would mandate a parent to enroll their child in kindergarten and would require a child to have completed one year of kindergarten before entering first grade.

Bill Status
6/30/2014 – Passed Senate Appropriations 6-0
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SB 323 – Attack on Religious Liberties and Non-Profits (Lara)

Position: Oppose

CRI’s Analysis
This bill would revoke the tax-exempt status of all non-profit youth organizations deemed to be discriminating based on sexual orientation, gender identity and other categories. SB 323 targets public youth charities whose tenets do not permit homosexual or transgendered persons to serve in their leadership or membership, including those programs affiliated with K-12 public and private schools.

This bill specifically names the following entities as youth organizations:
Little League, Bobby Sox, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Campfire, Inc., Young Men’s Christian Association, Young Women’s Christian Association, Future Farmers of America, Future Homemakers of America, 4-H Clubs, Distributive Education Clubs of America, Future Business Leaders of America, Vocational Industrial Clubs of America, Collegiate Young Farmers, Boys’ Clubs, Girls’ Clubs, Special Olympics, Inc., American Youth Soccer Organization, California Youth Soccer Association, North, California Youth Soccer Association, South, and Pop Warner football.

If this bill becomes law, these and any organization whose primary purpose is to provide a supervised program of competitive sports for youth, or to promote good citizenship in youth including any youth group sponsored by or affiliated with nonprofit private educational institutions, would be forced to change their policies to include acceptance of homosexual and transgendered leaders and members or lose their tax exempt status in the State of California. This is a direct attack on religious liberties and the children will be the ones that will be hurt by this law if these organizations are not permitted to maintain their tax-exempt status. This law would be devastating to hundreds of thousands of people in this state and should be opposed.

Legislative Update

Status –  Assembly floor (Order to the inactive file 9/12/2013)

8/21/2013 – Passed 12-5 Assembly Appropriations
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8/13/13 – Passed 6-3 in Assembly Judiciary Committee
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8/12/13 – Passed 6-3 in Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee
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5/29/13 – Passed 27-9 on Senate Floor
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4/29/13 – Chair of Appropriations Committee sent to the Senate without a hearing or vote in committee

4/10/13 – Passed 5-2 in Senate Governance and Finance Committee
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