Events & Programs

cityonthehillCity on the Hill | More information

City on the Hill Youth Leadership Conference is a fantastic opportunity for high school students to participate in leadership training and learn the governmental process from a Christian prospective. City on the Hill teaches students how our government works and helps them discover what it takes to be the leaders of tomorrow. City on the Hill promotes a strong sense of moral and civic responsibility based on Judeo-Christian ethic. City on the Hill encourages students to make friends with other teens who share similar values and convictions.

citizenssundayCitizens Sunday | Visit for more information (outside link)

The Citizens Sunday program is a program of Capitol Resource Institute (CRI). It offers pastors and church members the tools they needs to inform, educate and motivate people of faith to vote.

resources-dayatcapitolLobby Day | Email for more info

Do you want to learn how to effectively voice your concerns in the California State Capitol? Come to our Citizen Lobby Day! We will train you to effectively lobby your legislators. After the training portion, we head over to the Capitol to gain hands on experience in lobbying. Whether you are a high school student, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, etc, there is a need for you to get involved and stand for families in California!