City on the Hill


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In today’s anything-goes culture youth are encouraged to pursue pleasure without purpose. This has left many young people listless and disillusioned. City on the Hill Youth Leadership Conference (COTH) is designed to combat this false teaching by showing youth that they have a specific God-given purpose in our world.

The young people of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

That is why it is important to ensure that our pro-family youth know why they believe what they believe. The young people who cherish life, value marriage and family, and treasure religious freedom need to be able to articulate their values and understand how they can be involved in shaping culture. COTH is the vehicle to help them do just that.

COTH is a week-long summer camp sponsored and operated by Capitol Resource Institute. At COTH students engage in hands on learning by becoming mock legislators. Students must argue for and against bills currently being considered by the California legislature. At the end of the week students spend a day on the actual floor of the California senate and assembly, enabling them to get a better feel for what it is like to be a legislator. This process enables students to thoroughly learn the ins and outs of state government.

COTH students have the opportunity to hear from numerous motivational speakers from various influential fields, including government, policy, education, and the media. Students are also able to connect with other like-minded young people who will encourage and inspire them.

Each young person who attends COTH will gain a larger perspective of their world and how they can take a proactive stand for their values.