SB 219 – LGBT Long-Term Care Facility Resident’s Bill of Rights (Scott Wiener)

Senator Scott Wiener has introduced SB 219. Tagged as the LGBT Long-Term Care Facility Resident’s Bill of Rights, this bill ultimately grants preferential treatment to LGBT individuals in long-term care facilities. This bill forces staff at these facilities to assign rooms to residents based on an individual’s gender identity, rather than their biological sex, even despite resident concerns.

This is unacceptable. Every person in these facilities should be treated with the utmost care and dignity. Forcing biological females to share sleeping quarters with biological males ¬†shows disregard for these individuals. This bill is ripe for abuse as the requirement is simply to self-proclaim one’s gender identity. This bill could easily be used as a tool by perpetrators to prey upon unsuspecting, vulnerable victims.

The bill also demands that facilities, such as restrooms, open to persons of one gender must be available to those of the same gender identity. This becomes especially problematic when facilities are multiple use.

All long-term care facility residents deserve privacy.

This bill will be heard in committee tomorrow. See complete details below.


Committee Hearing Information:
Senate Human Services Committee
Date: March 28th, 2017
Time: 1:30pm
Location: State Capitol, Room 3191



1. If you are at all able, attend the hearing tomorrow.

2. Call your Senator (find your Senator here) and the Senators who are on the Senate Human Services Committee listed below and ask them toprotect the dignity and safety of all individuals in long-term care facilities, and OPPOSE SB 219.

Senate Human Services Committee Members:

Senator Scott Wiener (D) (Chair)

Senator Tom Berryhill (R) (Vice-Chair)

Senator Steven Glazer (D)

Senator Josh Newman (D)

Senator Janet Nguyen (R)