What is Happening in Sacramento?


 A Busy Time in Sacramento: 

Our Voice Must Be Heard!

Spring is a busy time here in Sacramento at our state capitol!  Every day during the California legislative season, many anti-family lobbyists line up hoping to sway lawmakers to enact policies favoring their special interests.  


At Capitol Resource Institute, we know the extreme importance of ensuring that Judeo-Christian family values are represented in state government. That’s why CRI is proud to stand in line with numerous others, many of whom directly oppose our values-system, and be a voice for families.  


CRI is currently tracking numerous bills that are passing through the state legislature. We work hard to educate you on current legislation and how you can have your voice heard. This is a big job because these bills are often amended at the last minute to include things that could be very harmful to families.  


Two of the main bills we’re working to oppose this year are AB 1266 and AB 154.  AB 1266 allows children, grades K-12,  of any gender to participate on any sports team, and enter into locker rooms, showers and bathrooms of their choice based on that student’s private sense of their own gender regardless of their biological gender at birth. AB 154 expands abortion, allowing nurses, midwives or a physician assistant to perform abortions.


Because we know that it’s imperative to grow in our effectiveness and strengthen our voice in California, CRI also works diligently to cultivate new pro-family activists and empower grassroots to make a difference through educational programs like Citizen’s Lobby Days and our annual City on the Hill Youth Leadership Conference.  


While we work to cultivate more pro-family activism, at the grassroots level, we must continue to diligently promote family friendly policies here in our state capitol.  Our voice must be heard within the walls of the capitol building!  Spring is indeed a very busy time here at the capitol.  And that means that spring is also a very  busy time for Capitol Resource Institute.


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