Quick Facts

  • Promotes Gender Fluidity
  • Promotes Sexual Curiosity & Exploration
  • Promotes Abortion
  • Promotes Progressive Organizations
  • Obstructs Parental Rights
  • CSE is mandated once in middle school and once in high school. It is optional for elementary school however many districts are teaching CSE in elementary school.


In January 2016, California updated statutes regarding "comprehensive sexual health education". Sexual Education (CSE) is a "rights-based" approach to sexuality education and promotes sexual rights to children at the expense of their sexual health in California schools.

Organizations like Planned Parenthood and other promoters of inappropriate sex education have been busy writing new curriculum for our schools—teaching children the “how to” of having sex and exercising their “sexual rights.” Many of these sex education curriculums aim to sexualize children, methodically dismantle gender, and normalize the LGBTQ lifestyle from elementary age through high school.

Top 3 Questions About CSE

Parents and community leaders are often shocked by what is being taught in our classrooms. Below you will find answers to the most common questions we get from our audiences.

Is it really that bad?

CSE in California must affirmatively recognize all sexual orientations and expressions. The curriculum promotes vaginal and oral sex equating both with anal sex. It is explicit promoting high-risk sexual behaviors to our children. It also places emphasis on sexual pleasure and how to obtain it in numerous ways.

How can I look at the curriculum?

Parents have the right to review all materials used to teach their children in the public schools. Further, a school district must allow a parent or guardian to inspect any written or audiovisual educational material used in comprehensive sexual health education and HIV prevention education. They may, during inspection, make copies at the parent’s or guardian’s pupil’s school of any written educational material that will be distributed to pupils, if it is not copyrighted and has been or will be presented by an outside consultant or guest speaker.

Curriculum by School District

Capitol Resource Institute has formally sent an Open Records Request to each school district in California. We have requested from each district which specific curriculum they are currently using to comply with the CHYA. We are currently complying the responses from the more than 900 school districts in California. Our report is coming soon.


What can I do?

Join parents throughout California in opting out your child from public school Comprehensive Sexual Education.The California Education Code § 51240 allows a child to be excused from “any part of a school’s instruction in health” that conflicts with the “religious training and beliefs” or “personal moral convictions” of the parents.We encourage parents to exercise their right under California law to have their children excused from class when objectionable topics are being presented in all aspects of a school’s instruction in health. This includes the California Healthy Youth Act.

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