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At Capitol Resource Institute, we have made it our goal to advocate and defend a culture of family values in California. For years we have researched legislation and spoken to legislators on behalf of all of our supporters regarding issues that matter to them. We hope to accomplish the same goal through the Faith, Family and Freedom Voter Guide.

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Congressional Districts 49-53

Los Angeles & Orange County - Congressional Districts 25-48

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Congressional Districts 20-25

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Congressional Districts 9-19

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Congressional Districts 3-9

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1What is this voter guide?
This is a non-partisan voter guide designed to inform California voters where California state Assembly, Senate, and U.S. Congressional candidates stand on issues concerning religious freedom, parental authority, traditional family values, and other cultural issues. Our goal is to give voters a general understanding of where candidates stand on issues that matter to them.
2Who is Capitol Resource Institute (CRI)?
Capitol Resource Institute (CRI) is a premiere organization working throughout California to preserve and advance a culture of family values in California. For years CRI has devoted our resources and time to researching and analyzing legislation in California related to family, parental rights, and religious freedom. Part of our advocacy is not only informing legislators on bills affecting California families, but also encouraging citizens to engage in the process by providing talking points and helpful tools to engage their representatives on issues that matter to them.
3When is the general election?
The General Election is Tuesday, November 3, 2020.
4What races are included in this voter guide?
The races included in this voter guide are for California State Senate, California State Assembly, and U.S. House of Representatives elections.
5Why didn’t the candidates from my district answer the questionnaire?
We do not know why some candidates chose not to answer. We are disappointed and hope for their participation in the future.
6What was the process of obtaining the candidates’ answers to the questions?
At the beginning of August we mailed a copy of the questionnaire to all candidates and requested that they return a completed copy by the end of August. After the deadline, if the candidate had not mailed a completed questionnaire back, we followed up with all campaigns asking for the candidate to fill out the questionnaire. We contacted every campaign at least twice after the deadline to give all candidates the opportunity to participate.
7Can my church distribute this voter guide?
A: Yes. This voter guide is approved to be distributed by any 501(c)(3) tax status church.
8How did you choose which questions to ask the candidates?
A: The questions were carefully crafted by compiling a list of issues that our followers care about. Issues such as school choice and parental authority are reoccurring in our research and we crafted questions that address these issues.

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